!! Google Analytics Migration !!

First, GA is ensuring to share regular updates and reminders to ALL persons with a GA account!

What is happening?

Google used to measure website clicks, visits and e-commerce conversions using their Universal service. This was called Google Universal Analytics (UA).

On July 1, 2023 Google is throwing away UA and will be using its Google Analytics 4 service (GA4).

This means, panic less – if your GA4 integration was already completed (either by you or by CDC Website Design or other).

How to know if you are in the clear?

These checks apply to “how to know whether or not CDC settled this for you”.

  • You purchased the Integration service under AddOns / Client Area
  • You shared an email requesting this service and received an Invoice
  • Your website build began in 2023, and included Google Analytics as part of your Web Build package

What Google is saying?

Drop a comment; it reminds us to share more!