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From here you can access all that you need to keep your website secure and growing, after a Website Audit or a Web Build Project.

Please review the details of each service, before making a purchase.  If you require additional support, schedule a Quick Call, available with an active cariCare plan.

Without a cariCare plan, you can schedule a Support Consultation.

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cariCare Maintenance

An ongoing plan to maintain the “hidden” elements of your website.


Renew My Domain

Once your domain expires, any services attached to it will stop working.

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Pay Hosting Plan

 It takes up to 5 business days to reconnect your “offline” website. 

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Add to my website!

Functionality | New pages
  • Add Blog: Set-Up and or Create New Articles 
  • Add New Pages: Policy, Business or Custom Pages 
  • Add Testimonials or new homepage sections

AddOn Library

Functionality | Upgrades

Using freemium or premium plugins your standard / basic WordPress & WooCommerce store can do a whole lot more! 

We have multi-use licenses for all AddOns tagged “caricare select“, and allow you to use them FOR FREE with an active cariCare plan!

CDC Knowledge base

Tutorials & Resources

Websites do crash and software can go crazy from time to time.  BUT on the good side of technology, it is always improving! 

While you can access much of this content also on Google or YouTube, we bring them into the Academy for your easy access, and based on what your website needs – specifically!

Things to remember

cariCare Plans

A cariCare plan ensures protection of your website; of your investment.  While no website can ever be completely invulnerable to attacks, regular maintenance and updates can keep your website running smoothly. It also allows for necessary backup in the event of software crashes.

Website Audit

Websites without an active cariCare plan over the last 3 months or websites not designed by cdcwebdesign must undergo a Website Audit before it can be on-boarded to a cariCare plan or before it can be upgraded under a Web Build Project.

Service Requests

Any request to perform service on your website must be scoped. A scope includes the requirements, timeframe and cost to begin your request.  Each service request is invoiced separately, based on the scope. In most instances Service Requests will be performed on a version of your website which clients cannot see or access.

Support time (hour allotment)

Your website needs support and so do you (the website owner).  You can receive support in one of three ways.  (1) Paying for support as you need it -invoiced under a Service Request. (2) Under a cariCare plan hour allotment. (3) Extended support time with a cariCare plan (billed hourly).