Three things you should know about web development prices / costs

Websites are not always a one-time cost. Anyone who has convinced you of this has gravely misled you. What’s more, web studios have huge costs attached to running and management. For this reason, all web studios employ policies to keep you are, keep you safe and to keep themselves safe.

Bottom line, if any of these recurring costs fall away, it could mean the same for your website; that is, if not paid on time, your website can be ‘forced’ offline, and or worst, can become lost entirely.

(1) Here are the top four recurring website costs to be very keenly aware of:

  • Website Hosting
  • Website Domain
  • Website maintenance
  • Ongoing website design

(2) Each cost has general frequencies attached, which can differ from studio to agency. Overall, these are the frequencies:

  • Hosting, minimum monthly
  • Domain, minimum yearly
  • Maintenance, minimum monthly
  • Ongoing design, minimum per instance / request

Regardless of your website status, keep in mind that these recurring fees are as serious as any other bill. If they’re not maintained, like some utility bills there are costs for reconnection.

As well, your website requires maintenance (as does any software). Skipping too many sessions in between website maintenance can lead to high costs.

(3) Costs to avoid

  • Reconnection costs, which usually is as a result of missing payment
  • Audit costs, usually as a result of skipping maintenance
  • Remediation costs, which follows any plan of action identified in an audit

If you’re ready to begin your first year, schedule a consultation and let’s discuss what your starting costs can look like.

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