The strategy of “Free Shipping” and your business

What is Free Shipping?

When shopping online, free shipping is when the customer doesn’t have to pay for the shipping and or delivery of their online purchase, as well as pay for the product.

How to use Free Shipping to make sales

There are a couple of ways to offer free shipping, but all of them includes actually making sales first. 

  • Invite customers to get FREE shipping on their NEXT order with a coupon
  • Invite customers to use a coupon to get FREE shipping when they spend over a certain value
  • Let customers know when you have FREE SHIPPING available in advance, so your sales can help cover the costs of shipping (which must be paid to couriers). 

When to use Free Shipping

Free shipping is great. But it’s not always the right answer. If you do offer free shipping, you’ll need to find the right balance between your conversion strategy and your actual bottom line.

It is not cost effective to deliver goods yourself, since this takes valuable time away from your business. It means your business is not operating from profit. 

How to offset costs when using “Free Shipping”

Free shipping is not a real thing, because it is NOT free. Couriers do not waive their costs since they’re selling their services. However, you can find ways to cover shipping costs without making your customers feel the pinch.

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