!NEW! Know and Use our Instant Answer Bot

Exciting news! Our website now has a quick answer bot! Just tap on the chat icon hovering on the website! It appears on every page!

Searching for Instant Answers!

CDC will open by default to “Instant Answer”. When you enter a query in the search bar (not pictured below), it will generate the best articles to help you.

Ask for email support!

He’s recently launched and so he doesn’t have ALL the answers just yet!I n order to help him provide you with more answers.

Even if you’re logged in, CDC will ask for your email and reply to you by email! This also triggers the bot to send your question by email!

It’s important to provide the subject of your query and be as detailed as possible, as to what support you need! Keep an eye out on our response time, and we will return with guidance!

Drop a comment; it reminds us to share more!

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