Is my website being spammed??

Spam is unwanted comments across your website posts, particularly left by bots. Posts can refer to product reviews, blog articles, anywhere at all on your website where you’re accepting client feedback.

You can request support for us to turn off the ability for clients or anyone to leave comments, reviews, or feedback on your website, if you prefer. This will mean no reviews can be left by others or by you either.

Unwanted Comments and Comment Spam

From time to time, you may receive unwanted comments on your site. There are many ways to protect your Website from unwanted comments:

  • Most websites are protected by the Akismet comment spam filter (plugin), automatically marking spam comments for you.
  • You can control whether comments are automatically approved or if they need to be reviewed before they are published. This makes sure no comment is visible on your site wthout your approval.
  • You can add rules for comment moderation to control which comments get marked as pending approval
  • You can add rules to the disallowed comments section to automatically mark some comments as spam.
  • If you turn on email notifications, then you can watch those messages for spam and delete them quickly if you find any that get through the comment spam filter.

Alternatively, you can request users to complete a reCaptcha (prove they’re not a spam robot), before they submit a comment on your website.

Bottom line, spam is not only annoying, it can be quite dangerous – even impacting your website load time!

Alternatively you can secure your website with a few Security Options which limit spam bots and protect your website, or you can purchase a speed optimization service.

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