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By default, all our websites are designed with HTTPS protocols.

We also ensure that your SSL certification remains updated (under our hosting plan).

Even so- we recommend additional measures to maintain a secure website.

We’ve listed some features you can employ below.

Review more details Your part in your website security measures

Any feature or service we perform on your website is called a Service Request. A Service Request includes specific activities or requests, any pre-requisites you need to provide as well as an estimated completion time. This is called “the scope“.  Any requests / features / changes / build items outside of a Scope is a new Service Request (or Phase 2) which is charged based on its per service charge, and or can fall under "Additional Time".

 cariCare subscribers can use FREE Quick Call up to the hour allotment, and are billed for excess time (on a per hour basis).

Hand-Over clients can schedule a paid Support Consultation from 15 to 45 mins.

Timeframe is the estimated # of days to complete your service. It includes Scope Planning, provision of pre-requisites, work time, post implementation review and testing.  In some instances you can purchase Additional Time, or Revisions.

Scopes are drafted immediately, and as a result there are no refunds for service already rendered or third party applications already purchased (where applicable).

Up to three (3) revisions allowed.  Additional revisions are billed per hourly billing rate for cariCare Subscribers and Hand-Over clients.


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