What is covered in our Website Audit

We recommend thorough website check ups at least 3x a year. Websites should be regularly maintained, and an updated report should be in your hands at least once monthly.  

After an audit, your website should be Remediated before it can be subscribed to a regular maintenance plan, or Website Rebuild.

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A (WordpPress) website audit is a thorough assessment of your website performance, areas for improvement and suggestions for ongoing care.

After an audit, we recommend fixes within our Remediation service (invoiced separately) before it can be on-boarded to one of our continuous website maintenance plans to avoid recurrence of breaks, bugs and lags identified.

An Audit includes a virtual review session, however, you can indicate below if you would rather not sit in to a session when your audit report is complete. Select a date and time below to receive your report.

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Two (2) – Three (3) Weeks