Domain Purchase Request


  • A domain is a license to have a website on the internet.
  • The fee for this license recurs yearly (as the shortest time period to hold this license is one year).

Any feature or service we perform on your website is called a Service Request. A Service Request includes specific activities or requests, any pre-requisites you need to provide as well as an estimated completion time. This is called “the scope“.  Any ask outside of the scope is a new Service Request (or Phase 2) and is charged based on its per service charge.

 cariCare subscribers can use FREE Quick Call (up to 15 mins) as part of the hour allotment, and are billed for excess time needed.

Hand-Over clients can schedule a paid Support Consultation from 15 to 45 mins.

Timeframe is the estimated # of days to complete your service. It includes Scope Planning, provision of pre-requisites, work time, post work review and testing.  Scopes are drafted immediately, and as a result there are no refunds for service already rendered or third party applications already purchased (where applicable).

Up to two (2) revisions allowed.  Additional revisions are billed per hourly billing rate for cariCare Subscribers and Hand-Over clients.

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You may cancel this appointment – however the Service Fee is non-refundable.

Themes and Plugins

This service does not guarantee the purchase of premium plugins, mail integration nor SEO services.

Domain Name

By default, domain names have a 12 month license