How to recover a suspended website?

First, what does it mean? #

“Suspended” means your account has been removed from our hosting arrangement with Namecheap.  It means your website will no longer be accessible online (for website visitors or you). This is not good since any updates required for your website cannot not be performed – such as with a cariCare plan.  

Your website can become suspended if a new cycle is not paid for, up to 3 – 15 days after the start of the new cycle.  Please ensure this does not happen, as missed months (or days) will not be pro-rated.

What happens when it is suspended? #

If this is the first time your Website Hosting plan was not paid on time, and you did not receive any reminder emails to settle your website hosting plan, you will not be required to pay a reconnection service fee. Your website will remain online for at least 3-15 business days (after the start of the new cycle).

This is a grace period where CDC Web Design will settle your bill on your behalf and reach out to you for reimbursement. Please make every effort to communicate should this happen.

However, if this is not your first time missing the deadline to renew your hosting plan, your website will be suspended on its expiration date, immediately. In this instance, CDC Web Design will not settle your bill on your behalf.

How to recover a suspended website? #

First time missed payments #

Simply settle your invoice with CDC Web Design. These details will be found under your My Orders or My Subscriptions with “pending payment” status.

Second time (or more) missed payments #

You will receive an email notice that your Website Hosting Plan has been cancelled due to non-payment.

The process to retrieve a suspended website can take up to 5 business days after confirmed payment for reconnection.

In order to retrieve a suspended website:

  1. Pay the reconnection fee
  2. Subscribe to a new Hosting Plan

Important: You must be logged into your account (using your registered email address), before you can access and purchase a new subscription. Please use the email address where you received notice of your subscription and or due payments.

Managing my website hosting differently #

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